Changing freight forwarders can be a very time-consuming task. But sometimes, you must ask yourself if you feel you are really getting the best out of your current freight forwarder. Has your relationship with your logistics provider taken its toll? – is your business now venturing into new markets, and thus need a provider who can swiftly handle the size and scope of your new ventures? This blog points out the top 5 signs to indicate, on when it may be the right time to find yourself a new logistics partner.




  • Lack of Customer Service: “All of your customers are partners in your mission” – Shep Hyken. This profound statement should remind you of the importance and role your provider plays in the success of your own business. If your freight forwarder is not treating you as their partner, then it may be the right time to reconsider your relationship with them.


You must ensure that your current forwarder is providing you a professional service that suits the nature of your business. Do not settle for anything less!


Furthermore, if you are facing difficulty in communicating your needs across when dealing with an overseas branch, for example, or if they simply possess poor communication skills, you may want to consider your options, and start searching for a freight forwarder that understands your language, and requirements.


  • Your Business Has Evolved: It’s great news that your company is evolving and / or is now venturing into new markets! At this stage, you need to reassess your current freight forwarder’s capabilities and offerings. Look at the reach and scope of your current provider – do they provide air transportation; or are they primarily a truck broker? Can they transport your goods internationally? Be sure to partner with a full-service logistics provider that offers a complete service, and one that matches your organization’s long-term plans and vision.



  • Uncompetitive Rates: The freight forwarding industry is tremendously competitive. Rates that you received from your current provider a few years ago, may not be economical in today’s market. If your forwarder has recently increased their rates, then it may be time to look elsewhere.


  • Inadequate Technology: In today’s vastly-growing technological era, service-providers such as freight-forwarders have had to keep up with the change and development in various business information systems. If your provider has outdated software and has not yet caught up with the current technological infrastructure, you need to review your options. Online tracking, proof of delivery, online quote requests and electronic billing, are only some of the most basic services your forwarder needs to provide.


  • Lack of Insurance Coverage: No doubt, insurance is a key component in any freight-forwarding service provider. Ensure that your provider has the required cargo insurance coverage and can provide you with the ability to add you on their policy. If they are unable, then you may need to consider switching to a provider who can.


At Network Global Logistics, we understand the needs of your business, and go the extra mile to achieve your total satisfaction!